Everyone can avoid the sudden waves of shock and anxiety that threaten to overwhelm you, whenever you end up forgetting about something important. From busy executives to housewives and students, now find relief from procrastination behaviors and disorganization.

More than talent or drive, what defines our ability to perform at a high level is the degree to which we can empty our minds. It is incredibly difficult to look at the big picture when everyday nitty-gritty keeps getting in the way.


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Achieve the impossible, Millionaires secrets to achieving a happy life.




Progress = Happiness

  • Why do you want to achieve a goal
  • Why are you not currently achieving what you want
  • What is a goal (going to a meeting is not a goal, reading a         book is only something that contributes to a goal) [Step]
  • Teaching to make your goal realistic
  • Close [examples, also workshop setting goals and daring to share your goal + homework]



Practice and excellent habits create progress

  • When should you be working on achieving your goal.
  • Can you run multiple goals at the same time
  • Decide goal, then write problems to achieve the goal, then brainstorm possible solutions, choose best solution , then write the action to create the solution
  • 5 minutes per day WILL change your life
  • Workshop = process to achieve anything
  • Create rewards when you achieve milestones towards your goal
  • [spreadsheet/ checklist , homework, templates]



Tricks to make you stay on track and have fun along the way

  • Digital assistant to store and remind you to spend the 5mins per day. To break down a long running objective into smaller and smaller steps until you know what to do in the next hour.
  • Getting a goal coach (digital and / or personal / friend) to enforce
  • How to execute and stay on track.
  • Time-saving tooling that motivates and rewards.

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