About Us

Plando is a product by Bizaline. We help companies and governments achieve higher levels of productivity and reach their goals with our suite of solutions. These can be used as part of an integrated approach or as stand-alone tools for specific types of work. All of our solutions are based on proven methods including AgileOGSM™.

PlanDo is your digital assistant for agile task management, helping your team keep dynamic projects and developments under control. It perfectly complements our other solutions:

  • OGSM Software for agile strategic execution;
  • MyProgramanager for programme management;
  • MyContractmanager for contract management. 

Bizaline was founded by Antoinette Wieman & Edward van der Kolk. For more information on our company, please visit the Bizaline website

Antoinette Wieman


Edward van der Kolk