Plando will be your new best friend. Always ready to help you 24/7 so you can plan and do everything you need to achieve your goals

Manage everything in one workspace

Create boards

Start creating different boards for every area of your life: Health/Fitness, Shopping, Work, and so on. You can also select boards as favorites and they will show up at the top of your list

Add cards + invite your team

Add different cards with activities on your boards and invite people from your team to join in!

Time track

You can add a time tracker to every single one of your tasks, this way you will always be able to know how much time do you spend on your goals.


You can select different views of your projects, and even a Calendar to register all your meetings and activities.

fun. friendly. practical

Achieve your goals, be more productive and have fun!

Online support


We offer online support by email, phone, and video call to help you in everything you need.

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